Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game is just about popping balloons

With Pocket Mortys being released this week we were psyched to write up a quick review but after easing into the mobile gaming version of the multiverse, we figured we’d give it a bit more time. Why? Because it’s so vast! So instead,we’re going to do a quick review of Rick and Morty: Jerry’s Game, even though it’s hilariously useless.

In fact, we are playing Jerry’s Game and writing about it precisely because it is hilariously useless.

Do Not Stop Poppin’!

Jerry’s Game comes to us from Adult Swim’s games division (who also brought us Giant Boulder of Death, among others) and consists of you (playing as Jerry, aka Morty‘s dad) popping balloons, endlessly. The game keeps score of how many balloons you’ve popped while Rick “praises” you in classic drunk Rickensian sarcasm and condescension: “How much time have you wasted, Jerry?” Or Morty saying: “You got so far. Way to go dad!”, without a hint of sincerity in his voice. And that’s the hook. Simple and brilliant in such an idiotic way that you find yourself playing just so you can hear how you’ll be insulted next. But it’s ok. They’re really just insulting Jerry, right?


jerrys game rick screenshot

So there you go. Keep popping those balloons! Do not stop, ok? Popping them keeps the timer in the green so don’t let that clock run out! Keep popping balloons and get those achievements, no matter how useless they are. We’re depending on you!

Publisher[adult swim]games
Developer: Big Pixel Studios
Download it from Google Play
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