Survive: Wilderness – Are we out of the woods yet?

Just started playing Survive – Wilderness survival the other day and I’m really digging the format. So far it’s only available for Android, but it’s coming to iOS soon according to the game’s website. Survive is a simulation/survival game where you find yourself in a particular situation in the wilderness and now it’s up to you to see how long you can survive using your wits and make it to safety.

The game starts out with your vehicle getting stuck in the mud. From then on you start having to make some choices about what to do next.  As I mentioned, I really like Survive‘s interface. It’s clear and easy to navigate so depending on your vitals, your choices are pretty much laid out in front of you. But, as in any difficult situation, the choices may not be so easy. Do you drink all your water immediately? NO! That would probably be a bad decision if your hydration was already up over 90%. What about traipsing off into the woods to forage for food or track an animal when there are still 8 hours of darkness remaining? Yeah, not such a great plan either.

So you see, you will need to make some choices if you’re going to make it out of the woods. As you can see, I’m on day 2 and 58 miles from safety. I better start rationing that beef jerky.

survive wilderness game interface
Thankfully, I had the skills and resources to build myself a little lean-to for shelter. This will at least get me through the night so that I will have the energy to hunt or explore the next day. Or will it? So many choices and one false move and you can end up not making it out at all.

survive wilderness game shelter

Survive is available for Android from the Play store. Good luck!

Developer: Juuso Hietalahti
Download Survive – Wildreness survival for Android

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