All Night Burger is mostly a video game review site that focuses on mobile and indie games, although we have also been known to review desktop as well as some more mainstream releases.

The general rule is, did you enjoy playing it or stop you in your tracks? Yeah? Let’s talk about it then.

And what’s the deal with the burger thing and where are they anyway? Well, maybe you should ask yourself, where aren’t the burgers??

Fine. So while we might not have any burgers, we’ll feed your appetite for tech and video games. Is the whole thing fueled by burgers? Maybe. Do we long for an all night burger joint within walking distance from our laptop? Probably.

We’re always looking for guest posters and indie games to review so if you would like to write a game review, guest post for us, or simply tell us about your game, check out our criteria and contact us.

Until then,

The ANB team.

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