Gray386Linux: Linux on a 386/486? Yes.

Do you have an old 386 or 486 PC still kicking around? Well if the hard disk still spins up or you’ve somehow managed to outfit it with an SSD (hello BIOS limitations), and you’ve got a hankering to try running Linux on one of them, then you may want to take a look at the gray386 and gray486 projects.

Maybe you’re feeling nostalgic for the dreamy 90’s when the future was bright and everything still seemed possible? Do you remember a time when you didn’t even understand the limitations that a PC with 386 architecture had? Or what about the seemingly blazingly fast performance of a 486 in comparison? Do you want to relive the past…today? Well, how about the next best thing?

Gray386/486 Linux a standalone custom Linux distribution, and not a lightweight Fedora build like Silverblue. Check out the gray386 and gray486 projects for more info.


2 thoughts on “Gray386Linux: Linux on a 386/486? Yes.

  1. Hello.

    Sorry for maybe misleading info in README.

    It’s not fedora 35 on i386 but standalone linux distribution powered by musl and busybox.
    Fedora with Nix or NixOS itself it’s just tested (it works) build environment (where is gray386 compiled from ground).
    I’m not native speaker so sorry for adding possibility to misinterpret that.

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