It’s Cooking Chaos in Pixel Kitchen

In Pixel Kitchen, you play the roles of both chef and waiter with one simple task: keep that food aloft and do not let it hit the floor. As various culinary delights are tossed your way (drumsticks, an egg, and various slabs of meat), you must catch them and cook them before tossing them over to your loyal waiter. Each time you “bounce” the food, it will cook it by one more “degree”.  Once the food is cooked, you need to bounce it on over to the waiter and hopefully, it will not be burnt. How can you tell? Well the food will become darker.  Most importantly, don’t drop any food on the floor or else it is game over.

You can think of Pixel Kitchen as kind of a form of volleyball, but with food. And without a net. Or a beach. Or maybe it’s sort of like a culinary hacky sack, but instead of using your feet, you use plates to keep your tasty items up in the air for as long as you possibly can.

Pixel Kitchen‘s visual style is a throwback to the glory days of 8-bit games and immediately made me think of that Tamagotchi pet Cthulhu game which we reviewed way back.

pixel kitchen food chef
Pixel Kitchen can be had for free by checking out the following links:

Developer: Tekuzo
Get it on Itch
Get it on Google Play for Android.
Get it on iTunes for iOS.

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