Reversion – The Escape: Trapped in a hospital!

I’m going to say right off the bat that Reversion – The Escape has a few issues that hold it back even though it really does have a lot if good things going for it. From 3f interactive this is a Point and Click game where you play a dude who wakes up with amnesia in some strange hospital in Buenos Aires. Not only that, it’s 2035 which means that you’ve missed 20 years (!). So now you’re in some future that you don’t know, and you’ve not only got to escape this hospital, but you also need to figure why Buenos Aires under military control? And how long has it been this way? And furthermore, it’s going to be tough because you can’t remember anything!

A little lost in translation?

The story unravels slowly (you’ve got amnesia, remember?) as you piece together your situation by asking people questions and collect useful items which you keep in your inventory. The main problem with Reversion is the character interaction and dialogue. Granted this is an independent game so the budget may not have been there for major voice actors, but at times the intonation in the voices are very far off from the way people actually speak. It is likely a translation issue but it can be annoying and distracting if you need to interact or speak with a character multiple times, which is often the case. Often times though, it ends up being unintentionally hilarious.

The key to moving the story along in Reversion, is gathering clues and this is actually very challenging and it’s not always easy to get the momentum going. We do appreciate the challenge in that respect and as I figure out more about our hero’s situation, the more I “get it”. That’s right. Having amnesia would really suck, especially if you were stuck in some militarized Argentinean hospital in Buenos Aires.

reversion game warehouse

There are challenges in solving the various puzzles and picking up clues as you figure out who you are and how you ended up in the hospital under military guard. Some of the solutions are not obvious at all and require badgering the same character with the same question until they change their answer. It’s funny because this is kind of true to life in a way, but counter-intuitive in video game land. I did have to look up some hints in various Reversion walkthroughs for a few situations because I just had no idea. In the end, the solution seemed silly, but hey, life is silly too. That said, I’m curious to see where ReversionThe Escape goes.

reversion hospital takeover

Developer: 3f interactive
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