Zenge is a unique puzzle experience

One of the more interesting and engaging puzzle games to catch our eye recently is Zenge by memorably named game studio Hamster On Coke Games.

Zenge tells a story or rather, a story unfolds as you complete each puzzle, which then reveals a scene. The scenes, which are all beautifully drawn by Konrad Januszewski, tell a tale about a character named Eon and his journey through time and space, which is as much as we’re going to say without giving it all away.  Zenge is touted as a “relaxing experience” so there are no points or in app purchases to distract you from the game itself. Just a beautifully presented world to immerse yourself into and enjoy the trip.

zenge puzzle screenshot

Have a look at Zenge‘s gameplay to get an idea of how the puzzles are put together to tell the story. Enjoy this gorgeous game:

Developer: Hamster on Coke Games
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