You’re going to need your reflexes for Barrier X

Do you like fast games? Well Barrier X is one fast game! This is one of those endless track/avoid the obstacles type of game where you are a supersonic vessel hurtling towards an infinite vanishing point with the constant threat of barriers to avoid before you crash into them. Tap left or tap right? You’re going to need to think fast and react or else it’s total annihilation and you have to start over.

Barrier X‘s look and feel are pretty slick. Considering the speed of the game, the playing field doesn’t feel cluttered so it’s easy to see the barriers coming towards you. Avoiding them is a different story, which is pretty much the point of the game. It’s a fast game, and it’s very challenging. Does it get easier as you get a feel for it? Ask me once I’ve unlocked the next letter. The soundtrack is cool too, so as recommended, play it with headphones.

The menu screen is pretty tight as well. To start the game, you press on the letter B of the word BARRIER. As you unlock levels, more letters in the word BARRIER become available to you. We thought that was a pretty unique way to represent the menu.

Check out the trailer and feel the speed. Do you feel it? Do you?

Developer: NoClip
Publisher: Pinkapp
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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