Your mission is: Lunar Mission

There’s a lot to love about Lunar Mission from Puppet Box. I was pleasantly surprised by the simplicity of the controls as well as by the very clean and uncluttered layout. There is the occasional ad between levels but aside from that, it’s just you and the game. And it’s a beautiful looking game with a great 1950’s black and white feel to it.

Speaking of the game, how does it work anyway? Well, each mission is the same, but each level is different. What you need to do is pilot your space craft from point A to point B, where point B is a landing pad. Now the first few levels are simple and will give you a feel for the controls (left to thrust left, right to thrust right and both to fire both thrusters upwards) so getting to the landing pad is relatively easy. Subsequent levels are more challenging as you need to maneuver ever so delicately through caves and over rocky lunar peaks. Trust me on this one, it gets very challenging! Levels work on a “star system” so if you manage to land with all 4 mechanical parts intact, you get 4 stars. Break a landing gear? That’ll cost you a star.

Also noted that Lunar Mission is powered by  Cocoon aka Ludei‘s mobile development framework. I’m not picking sides, just noting that after seeing so many games built on Unity (which is great in its own right), it’s nice to see some diversity in the world of mobile game development.

With that said, check out Lunar Mission‘s gameplay and it’s dark and beautiful moonscape.

Developer: Puppet Box
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