Yes, it’s That Level Again, and again

We sure do love us some home brewed hand-drawn games and That Level Again fits right into that cool DIY indie game genre..

Warning: This game might trigger Deja Vu

That Level Again and it’s sequel That Level Again 2 both come from indie game developer Tagir and have proven to be quite a lot of fun, and challenging. That Level Again may be considered to be part of the escape room genre, but while the main goal of That Level Again is to get the little character out of the room, each level actually looks the same, and the solutions to get the little guy out are always different. The layout of the room is a simple rectangle designed in a classic platformer style. Your objective is to get out of the room by the door on the right. However, unlocking the door can be tricky so you’ll need to figure out how to unlock the room so that it’s safe to exit without dying. Sometimes there’s a key in plain view and sometimes it’s hidden. Also, avoid the spikes because they’ll kill you if you touch them.

that level again screenshotThat Level Again 2 (the sequel) has a brighter, more polished look to it but the goal is the same with another 64 levels of smart, yet infuriating puzzles. Our favorite kind in fact! Can you help the little dude get out of the house? Looks easy with the key sitting right there, right?

that level again 2

Both That Level Again 1 and 2 have 64 levels plus an easter egg to find. And if you’re stuck on a particular level, here’s a walkthrough for That Level Again 1. Enjoy!

Developer: IamTagir
Download That Level Again for Android from Google Play
Download That Level Again 2 for Android from Google Play
Download it for iOS from iTunes

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