Working out with DAREBEE’s very organized workout app

Taking a break from game reviews to talk about the DAREBEE FitTap and Pocket Workouts apps. That’s right. Some of us (looks in the mirror) spend so much time playing games that we sometimes forget to exercise and pretty much everyone knows how common a predicament that is :p

Anyway, DAREBEE has been around for a little while and before I get to the apps, I want to briefly touch upon the DAREBEE website. It is so organized and so cleanly laid out, that I think I’m in love with their web designer’s brain. Everything is easy to find and the workout pages are uncluttered, easy to understand, and ready to print out if you wanted to. There’s even a diet section, depending on what meal plan you want: Ab diet? Vego Diet? Mass Effect Diet? It’s all here. AND, there’s a recipe section that will immediately cause you stomach to growl because it is laid out with images of delicious food.

It’s a great design: You want a recipe? Click on the image of the food that appeals to you. I find that too many recipe sites suffer from the “list” problem, i.e., lists of recipe names with tiny images. This layout really solves that problem.

Now the great thing about both the FitTap app and Pocket Workouts is that they follow the same great design scheme as the website: clean lines, easy to understand diagrams and well laid out workouts. And most importantly, they fit right on your phone’s screen so you can glance at the image and get to work actually working out. DAREBEE understands that the key to a successful, technology abetted workout, is this: the phone is a simple aid, not a distraction.

The FitTap screenshot is on the left and Pocket Workout‘s Titan Workout is laid out for you on the left:

darebee workoutsThere is much more where this came from so if you want to clarify your workouts without being distracted by stats, and social media, I’d highly recommend DAREBEE. It’s just the workouts with a simple timer. No bullshit, no fat. You get the idea.

Only available for Android at the moment:
Developer: DAREBEE
Download FitTap from Google Play
Download Pocket Workouts from Google Play

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