Woodwork Simulator

Today we came across Woodwork Simulator from The Irregular Corporation on Itch.io and considering that this sim game is still in the demo phase, it still feels mostly assembled as an almost open-world woodworking simulator. In Woodwork Simulator, you begin with a pile of wood at your disposal in your very excellent and very well equipped workshop. No doubt, it is now time to start working that wood!

Woodworking Paradise

Oh to have a workshop such as this, possibly nestled in the woods with the sun shining in and the sounds of birds chirping outside. Woodwork Simulator indeed captures this relaxing experience. Right from the start, we found the controls very easy to get a grasp of, especially when it comes to manipulating the wood and using any of the available tools. These include a lathe, planer, chisel, saw, drill and most importantly, paint and varnish for when you’ve finished cutting and prepping and are ready to give your project that nice finished look.

Wordwork Simulator offers you the choice of following a number of specific projects such as building a birdhouse, a chair, or workbench but you can also let your imagination run wild and free-build a project to your own specifications. This is the route that we took, and the end result was a kind of lopsided punk-rock “alien” (see below!). You know that old saying that goes “measure twice, cut once?” Well we did no such measuring, but we had a lot of fun cutting! When it came to sawing and gluing (no nails or hammer yet), picking up the wood and using the tools was fairly intuitive and simple, especially with the on screen icons to let you know which mouse-button does what. Either way, check out our handiwork over there by the wood pile that is kind of suspiciously leaning up against the wood stove because who knows, if it gets real cold one night that little alien may “come in handy”, if you know what I mean 😉
woodwork alien

To see how it’s really done, check out some Wordwork Simulator gameplay over here:

Developer: The Irregular Corporation
Play Woodwork Simulator on Itch.io

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