Where’s My Cat? is pretty groovy

It’s yet another cat game, and if you’ve ever lost a cat, then you know how frustrating it can be to find it. Thankfully, Where’s My Cat? is more fun than frustrating, except of course when you find yourself in the following situation: you run out of taps and can’t make it to the next level.

Where’s My Cat? can be categorized as a puzzle game but it’s really more of a combination of puzzles and classic hide and seek. Each level is a scene depicting life at home or in the city which is conspicuously absent of a four legged feline. Your mission: tap the screen where you think the cat might be hiding. Or, tap the screen to trigger an event which may lure the cat into the scene, after which you can tap on the cat to advance to the next level. But, the catch is that you only have a limited number of taps at your disposal. To mitigate this minor problem, Where’s My Cat? also includes some mini games within the game which you can use to earn extra taps so which will be added to your (probably) dwindling arsenal. Will you run out? Probably. Will you keep playing? Most likely. Why? Because Where’s My Cat? is really addictive!

Bonus: The soundtrack to Where’s My Cat? is highly groovy and swings like madness courtesy of Boogie Belgique. You can hear them in the gameplay video below or check them out on Soundcloud or on Facebook.

Developer: Playizzon
Get it for Android

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