Where Is My Hammer

Where Is My Hammer: Destroy Everything! is a game from a few years back (circa 2014) and has a pretty self explanatory title if you hadn’t noticed. There are no points. No score. No timer. No lives. In fact, are there even levels? If there were, I didn’t notice them. Why? Because I destroyed them!

I mean, Where is My Hammer doesn’t even have a question mark in the title. Does it even need one? Was it destroyed in the development process? We don’t know. But one thing is for sure: it’s just you and your hammer in a nice (suburban?) home where you then proceed to smash said suburban home (and absolutely everything in it) to pieces. And by pieces, we’re talking smithereens. Just swing that hammer and hit things until they break. Destroy the walls, the car, statues, the staircase and whatever comes in contact with your hammer. Everything. Yes. That’s all there is to it.

Does destroying everything include destroying terra firma?

You can get pretty carried away with that hammer in this game to the point where you might even hammer straight through the floor.  Yep. On more than one occasion I found myself destroying the floor which left me with nothing to stand on. So, there I went, falling endlessly and weightlessly into oblivion as if I had destroyed the fourth wall of gaming itself, so to speak. Or maybe it wasn’t that dramatic. If you do destroy the floor however, you’ll automatically be placed back in the game to continue your reign of destruction.

Check out the video for hammer destroying gameplay:

Developer: Toco Games
Get it on Itch for Mac and Windows

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