Where Cards Fall is enticing us with this beautiful teaser trailer

Talk about your teasers: A very slick and enticing trailer for Where Cards Fall was just released into the wild although we won’t see the full game until sometime in 2017.

The trailer itself is only 1 minute long (another little tease) and gives you just a small taste of the environment: it’s rich, vibrant, and there’s a hint of a character’s legs. Are you playing this character? What kind of journey is this? Oh, and there are some actual cards falling that re-arrange themselves into a sort of ‘living box’.  What’s that about besides a callback to the title of the game itself? So many questions to ask but we’ll have to be patient.

Where Cards Fall is a collaboration between The Game Band and Snowman (aka Built by Snowman). Snowman has previously released several mobile games including 2015’s dreamy and immersive Alto’s Adventure. In that vein, it looks like they’ve really upped the ante on dreaminess this time around and we’re looking forward to seeing (and hearing) the final product.

Check out the trailer:

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