What Exactly is What the Box?

In What the Box?, you are a box, trying to kill other boxes, in a warehouse full of boxes! But which one is the enemy and which one is just a box? That’s the thing: they’re all boxes and you won’t know until they move.

So how do you survive in a world full of boxes? The interesting catch in What the Box? is that you only get one bullet, so you have to use it wisely. The way to get more bullets is to kill other player boxes (yeah, the ones that move). If you run out of bullets, you’ll need to resort to using your box cutter (which exposes you because it is visible) to defeat the enemy in close combat. Yikes!

What the Box? sounds ridiculous at first (which it is) but the gameplay is smooth, and the concept lends itself to a deadly game of hide and seek. It’s a lot of fun too, especially if there are a lot of people playing at once. I can only imagine the chaos in a room full of 50+ sentient, killer boxes!

Aside from the various game play options(Deathmatch, first person/third person view), What the Box? also features a version of Capture the Flag except here it’s called Capture the Tape. Indeed, What the Box? is a box themed game with more than one box themed scenarios.

Check out the trailer for some real crazy box action:

Developers Daniel Snd
Publisher Megastorm Games
Download it on itch.io
Get it on Steam

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