We hate Give It Up! and we can’t stop playing it

I’ve talked about some difficult and frustrating games before but now that I’ve finally gotten around to Give It Up! from Invictus, I think we have a new pet peeve on our hands because Give It Up! is one VERY hard game.

Give It Up! is a relentless side scroller where you need to get your little blob dude to the end of the level without going ‘splat’. It’s simple, right? Just happily jump over each obstacle in your way and everything’s golden. Wrong. So very wrong. Why? Because there’s something about the rhythm (the music is nuts) and getting the timing just right which makes Give It Up! so very difficult and also makes you want to throw your phone through an open window.

Interestingly however, every single time I am about to launch my device through said open window or break it over my knee, I instantly reconsider and hit ‘replay’ and try Give It Up! again. It’s pure evil and most of the time my character ends up looking like this (splat), after barely making any progress at all:

give it up progress blob splat

If you’ve played Give It Up! before, you know what we’re talking about. If not, check out the gameplay. My goals right now are to a) finish one level. Seriously, just one! And b) to unlock at least one of the many different characters. Is that too much to ask?

By the way, as if to prove that Give It Up! wasn’t hard enough, Invictus released Give It Up! 2 last fall and it is not any easier. Seriously, this is one hard game that is both frustrating and addictive which are two words which I’ve already used to describe it’s predecessor aka Give It Up!, which is a deadly combination. Check out the gameplay for Give It Up! 2. Yeah, as it there weren’t already enough pitfalls for your little blob character. Enjoy, and good luck:

Developer: Invictus Games Ltd.
Download Give it Up! and Give it Up! 2 for Android
Download Give it Up! and Give it Up! 2 for iOS

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