Vertigo Racing: Going the Distance

We haven’t reviewed any racing games in awhile but with recently released Vertigo Racing, we are now filling that void.

Vertigo Racing is a hill top racing game that puts you on a narrow, rolling track high up on an endless and deadly cliff. Similar to games like Hill Climb Racing, Vertigo Racing is all about going the distance and making it to the next fill-up and earning enough cash for your next upgrade. Unlike HCR however, you need to stay on the track or risk falling off the cliff into the abyss. There have been some negative about the fact that there are no actual steering controls in Vertigo Racing. After playing for awhile, I would say that those concerns are unfounded since using the brake in conjunction with the accelerator will do the job just fine. Once you get used to the controls (learning curve of 3 minutes) it becomes a non-issue.  As usual, some people want everything spoon fed to them, huh?

The game play is smooth and employs the usual bonuses and incentives to keep playing. The further you go, the more cash you collect which you can use to upgrade your vehicle or buy a different classic car. Because why stick with the default beater when there are so many better rides to choose from? You may as well upgrade to any of the 10 crazy classics from the golden age of automobiles, so save your pennies for the ride that feels right and has the best acceleration and handling. It’s all about moving forward without falling off a cliff.

The artwork has a great, faded old timey look and feel that keeps within the context of these classic cars. Bonus: the rockabillysurf soundtrack is an excellent added touch.

Visually it’s quite pleasing as you can see from this gameplay video:

Developer: Deep Byte Studios
Publisher: Chillingo
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