Upgrading to Fedora 24 from Fedora 23, plus new features

fedora 24Fedora 24 was released on June 21st and we had a look at some of the new features before upgrading. This is a pretty big release with a lot of big changes so let’s have us a look at what Fedora 24 has to offer.

Some new Features in Fedora 24

Kernel 4.5.7Fedora 24 is based on the 4.5.7 Linux kernel.
Wayland – The biggest change to come to Fedora is probably the introduction of Wayland which will eventually replace X as the default display manager.
GNOME 3.20 – GNOME 3.20 features improved search, shortcut overlays and uses Canterell as the default font for improved legibility. For more information check out the GNOME 3.20 release notes.
Since there are way too many features and changes in Fedora 24 to list, you can also look at the Fedora 24 changelog for a full list of changes.

2 ways to upgrade to Fedora 24

Prior to Fedora 24, upgrading was done through the command line interface. It is not all that complicated to do so (see below for the required steps) but having the option available to run a system upgrade graphically is a plus for many users. This option will be available in the Software app.

Upgrading via the cli follows the usual set of commands.

Note: as usual, we recommend running a full backup before upgrading.
With that said, upgrading to Fedora 24 from the cli can be done in just a few steps. Our upgrade was smooth and uneventful, which is exactly how we like it.

1. Update your system:
sudo dnf upgrade ‑‑refresh
2. Install the DNF plugin:
sudo dnf install dnf-plugin-system-upgrade
3. Start the upgrade:
sudo dnf system-upgrade download ‑‑releasever=24
4. Reboot:
Once all of that is complete, reboot your workstation to complete the upgrade:
sudo dnf system-upgrade reboot

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