Unique Rabbit: Minimalist side scrolling fun

We like games that have a personal touch and Unique Rabbit is one of those. Unique Rabbit is a minimalist game with simple but effective artwork. The game is light (seriously, the install size is under 1M) with a simple storyline:  An old geriatric rabbit (you can tell by the cane) has had their apples stolen by the evil Dark Hare. Now you, Unique Rabbit, have to go find the apples while crushing the bad guys and avoiding falling into some random crevasses. There are also some weird floating eyeballs in this game too so watch out for those!

unique rabbit eyeballs

The controls follow those of most side scrollers: Left buttons for left and right, right button for jump. You can jump over the evil toads or land on them to vanquish them forever, Mario style. In fact, looking through the about page, Super Mario Bros was the inspiration for some of the level design, so you get the idea. Keeping with the minimalist theme, the sound effects were courtesy of SoundBible, which used to be a pretty good resource for sounds if your own resources are limited and you don’t have time to create your own sound effects.

unique rabbit evil toads

To keep things even lighter, Unique Rabbit is crammed full of puns which, according to the About Page, are courtesy of punoftheday. Or at least some of them. So get used to your rabbit and toad-based puns as well as 16 challenging levels.

Only available for Android.

Developer: Concreterose
Get it for Android

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