TWD: No Man’s Land

Everyone loves The Walking Dead, right? But like all popular media, translating TV or movies to gaming has always been a challenge.

I decided to download AMC‘s official Android game of the show by Next Games called The Walking Dead: No Man’s Land and give it a whirl.

First impression: memory hog. It takes forever to load and my LG Nexus 5 immediately got hot. I have absolutely no proof about this so we’ll give No Man’s Land the benefit of the doubt since I’m not about to start benchmark testing this game. Plus, I’m going to be late for work!

Second impression: it really wants you to use your Google + profile with your real name. No thanks. You can skip that dialogue but it’s super annoying when it keeps bugging you. I’m a firm advocate for privacy and games that use that kind of authorization mechanism feels like they really just want to collect my personal information. Badly. Sorry. Strike 2.

TWD: No Man’s Land playability?

Ok, I know that it sounds like this review is going to hell but in fact, all is not lost. No Man’s Land is effectively an RPG on mobile, so it does help to have a screen that is 5 inches and larger. The playability is actually pretty good and the game has plenty of functions to keep things interesting: missions, weapons upgrades and character training. All this with Daryl Dixon as your guide. Here’s a screen shot:

Darryl in the walking dead no mans landNo Man’s Land wasn’t thrown together in a week and you can tell. There’s a bit of a learning curve in regards to getting familiarized with the controls and game play, but that’s half the fun. Enjoy.

Check out the gameplay for The Walking Dead:  No Man’s Land:

Developer: Next Games
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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