Trover Saves the Universe

From Squanch Games comes Trover Saves the Universe, or as we like to call it: A journey inside the mind of Justin Roiland. Trover Saves the Universe is an adventure game where Trover is here to help you (the player) get his dogs back from the evil Glorkon who has just “dognapped” them and plans to use them most nefariously to destroy the universe. You and Trover‘s mission is now to do the exact opposite and save the universe.

It goes without saying (but we’ll say it anyway) that fans of Rick and Morty will immediately recognize Roiland‘s brand of humour which is all over Trover Saves the Universe. That’s because not only did Roiland create Trover through Squanch Games, but he also voices all of the characters in classic Roiland stream of consciousness fashion. This is done to great effect and while it might seem like Roiland never stops talking (hint: he doesn’t) his dialogue serves as a direct explanatory guide for you as you explore Trover’s universe. It makes for an extremely self-aware and funny experience which is great, since Trover is being billed as a comedy adventure, so mission accomplished. Fun fact: Roiland reportedly recorded over 20 hours (!) of dialogue for this game.

Without us trying to painstakingly explain Trover Saves the Universe any further, the best thing you can do now is to check out some insane Trover Saves the Universe gameplay for Playstation VR to get an idea of what this is all about.

Developer: Squanch Games
Get Trover Saves the Universe for PS4, PS4VR and PC

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