Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery

Talking about escape room/mystery games, we recently game across Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery from Kiary Games. We have discussed a Kiary Games product in the past when we reviewed Commute and while Tiny Room Stories is a completely different game, it also employs the isometric viewpoint, and that is part of what makes Tiny Room Stories so playable.

Tiny Room Stories is a puzzle game and you are playing a detective who is trying to solve a mystery involving your missing father. With the help of the clues that you pick up along the way, you may just succeed…or will you?

A small town with much to explore

Thanks to a cool rotatable isometric view, each room or scene can be explored and expanded upon within a single frame, which saves space and time while giving the game a very clean feel. This also gives you, as a player, the mental space to puzzle over each problem without the playing field feeling cluttered or overwhelmed with details. The details that we do have are very clean and clear using an artistic minimalism that is very easy and intuitive to comprehend for anyone who picks up this game with no prior knowledge of it. The puzzles themselves start off easy but even in the first chapter, you can see where this is going as the difficulty increases ever so slightly as you unravel the mystery of the town of RedCliff.

So, while I get back to figuring out how to turn on the TV, you can check out the full trailer for Tiny Room Stories: Town Mystery here:

Developer: Kiary Games
Get it for Android

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