Tigerball is a bouncy challenge

Tigerball is an interesting puzzle/arcade game where your goal is to bounce a tiger pattern styled ball into a bucket and you’ve got to do it just right to achieve that. Tigerball doesn’t really look like a puzzle game but it has some of those qualities in that each level is solvable by figuring out a particular bounce pattern. Or maybe that’s not entirely true since you can sometimes solve the level by pure fluke.

At any rate, one of the most enjoyable things about Tigerball are the physics which are perfect for the look and feel of the ball. If you’ve ever played with a bouncy ball,  you will be very familiar with the realistic bounces. And you’ll need to be, because some of the levels are pretty zany! For example, check out level 10. Is that zany enough for you? Just look at those calamari looking hoops:

tigerball zany level
Tigerball is only available on Android at the moment and while we’re at it, check out this Tigerball gameplay video:

Developer: Laxarus
Get it on : Android

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