Think fast while playing Floors

One of the best games of 2015 is Yuri Sanachev’s Floors. Released through Ketchapp, Floors is a unique platform game where you are a stickman (with a briefcase) and the goal is to not die by running into the group spikes that are present on each floor. Gems appear sporadically for the taking, if you’re lucky enough to grab them. The game is stressful enough that I generally just concentrate on not dying!

Stylistically the game is simple, and colorful. The controls are simple too: press to jump, hold to jump farther. But this is easier said than done since Floors moves fast and you’ve got to think on your feet. One false move and BANG, the game is over if you hit the spikes.  Plus, the levels have no order or pattern, so the game is always different. Sometimes the floor has one spike, and sometimes there are four spikes. Even trickier, is that sometimes the spike appears on the top, which requires no jumping. However, Floors conditions you to jump so much, that sometimes you end up jumping without thinking when you could have just run under the spike.

Floors is Fast and Faster

Floors has the kind of pace that is relentless. I say ‘fast’ but we’re not talking breakneck speed. It’s fast in a way where you cannot take your eyes away from the game for a second, or else. There is practically no pause between levels, so the second you clear one level, you’re on to the next. Stressful, right? How many floors can you pass without hitting a spike? So far I’ve made it past no more than 9 floors. Ouch.

This me dying while grabbing a screenshot. Oooh Level 3 :

floors android

Collect them all

Briefcase Stickman is not the only character in Floors. As you collect more gems, you will be able to unlock more and more stickman based characters. Which ones will you unlock first? That’s hard to say as I can’t tell if there’s an order or if they unlock randomly. So far I’ve unlocked an Indiana Jones type character called Indieanna (You can tell because he’s got a whip) and another called Mr. Pencil. The are tons of other characters based on popular culture icons such as Doge, a zombie, King Arthur, etc. Awesome.

Now about the ads. There are a lot of them. Now we are all for the use of advertising in mobile gaming since it does help support the developer, etc, but in Floors, the proliferation of ads does get a little heavy after awhile.  One way around them is to click on No Ads and purchase the ad free version. Aside from that, love the game!

Also, now that I’ve collected all of the characters, what next? Will there be an update with some new characters? Until then, I guess I will just become a gem magnate.


Publisher: Ketchapp
Developer: Yuri Sanachev
Download it from Google Play
Download it from iTunes

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