There’s nothing cheesy about CheeseMan

CheeseMan from Alphanoize is an homage to a classic platformer known as Super Meat Boy.

After installing and playing CheeseMan, I researched more about the game and came across some negative comments where people were calling CheeseMan a rip-off. However, I feel that they’re probably missing the point because this game is actually a tribute to the gloriously squishy and bloody Meat Boy. In fact, the game was created with the a-ok from Team Meat, so it’s all good. If this is s rip off, then I guess Meat Boy is a Mario Bros rip off too.

As I’ve said before, everything comes from something, so let’s look at the big picture.

Alright, so CheeseMan (get it? It’s like the opposite of Meat Boy) is a platformer with 3 Worlds made up of 42 levels. You have the choice of 2 characters (CheeseMan or Cheesette) to run through the levels while avoiding cannonballs and rotating blades and saving CheeseLand from the nefarious Professor Mousky. At one point, you might even see Dr. Fetus (from Meat Boy) and Meat Boy himself. All this while this insane musical soundtrack plays on. It’s entertaining and fast as hell.


cheeseman screenshot level

Developer: Alphanoize Games
Download it from Google Play

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