There You Go: Escape the room

Just browsing and happened upon There You Go, a neat isometric room escape puzzle game. The game itself isn’t super hard to complete (only 10 rooms or so) but it’s fun to figure out the solution to each puzzle.

Each room can be rotated so that you can see each wall and all of the objects. Some objects can be moved and manipulated so in the tradition of Room Escape games, try everything! Each room room has a solution to get out so that you can make it to the next room where another puzzle awaits you. In the screenshot below I’ve turned on the tap until the sink overflowed. Gotta love the cube shaped drops of water 🙂
there you go puzzleWe really liked the way There You Go is put together. It’s simple and minimal with some moderately challenging puzzles. Simple interface and easy to play. The text is a little small on mobile but it’s available for desktop too, which is probably the best way to experience it. Enjoy!

Developer: Octogear Games
Download it from for Windows, Mac and Linux
Get it for Android

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