There are officially way too many Star Wars apps to choose from

First off, with Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens being released this month, general interest in everything Star Wars has reached a fever pitch not seen since the prequels were released over 15 years ago. I mean, Star Wars has always been popular but living in the “glorious age of technological choices” really does give us Star Wars on so many more platters of media that it’s sometimes hard to keep up with. If you’re a mega fan, you can practically drown in Star Wars media and paraphernalia, never to be seen in public again.

So we had a look at a few Star Wars related apps just to see what’s out there and man, there are a lot of apps out there! We just chose some randomly and will probably add some more apps to our reviews once we have some time. I’m predicting that this might become a long post, so let’s get started.

Star Wars – Official App

Right, well it’s pretty much the first Star Wars app that comes up when you search for Star Wars on Google Play. This app really nicely designed and stays true to the Star Wars look and feel which is to say futuristic and kind of battle worn while making great use of familiar Star Wars fonts and ergonomics. There are plenty of Star Wars related insights to browse such as coming release date countdowns and official videos. You can also let the app know your location so that it can tell you if the weather feels like Endor or Hoth (if you’re freezing somewhere in Canada, for example). You can get a pretty good idea from the screen shot:

official-star-wars-appThe most interesting and popular aspect is the “Jakku Spy” feature which makes great use of Google Cardboard Virtual Reality. Totally worth trying out and I’m actually playing with it while I write this mini review. Pretty cool.

Actually, I’m going to try it out a bit more and come back tomorrow with some more reviews! Until then…

Developer: Disney
Download it from Google Play
Download it from iTunes

BB-8 App Enabled Droid

You just knew from the moment that the adorable droid known as BB-8 was revealed to the general public that it was going to be a huge hit in the merchandising world, especially with the totally non-accidental release of Star Wars movies just before Xmas.

This of course is no stand-alone BB-8 app since it is used to control Sphero‘s (formerly Orbotix) mega popular remote-controlled BB-8 toy which was released back in September and has only gained in popularity during the holiday season, and of course, with the release of Star Wars VII. Here’s the promo video:

Developer: Sphero
Download it from Google Play
Download it from iTunes

BB-8 The Droid Awakens

Speaking of BB-8, The Droid Awakens from Sillan Games is a cute 3D action game featuring none other than…BB-8! The goal is simple: maneuver BB-8 around the deserts of Jakku and keep the spherical droid alive for as long as you can while picking up fuel and powerups as well as coins, all while avoiding those pesky land mines!

The controls are simple: tilting makes good use of your phone’s gyroscope with left and right helping out with speed. This game is challenging from the outset since BB-8 runs out of fuel very fast, so focus on getting fuel over coins if you want to survive.
bb 8 the droid awakens screenshot
Developer: Sillan Games
Download it from Google Play

Star Wars Force Collection

From mega corp Konami comes Star Wars Force Collection which has actually been out for quite awhile. Konami is a long time producer of trading cards, and SWFC is a trading card strategy game where you collect Star Wars character cards and assemble them them into strategic battle lines and go to war. You can play online with other players and assemble teams for more coordinated attacks. There are 400 character cards to collect with cool animated battle scenes.

Note: Force Collection is pretty huge, so make sure you have enough space available if you want to install it.

Check out this Star Wars Force Collection tutorial to get a better idea of how this works:

Developer: Konami
Download it from Google Play

X-Wing Flight

Next up it’s X-Wing Flight by Tuhao featuring everyone’s favorite Star Wars spacecraft: the X-Wing Fighter because who didn’t think the X-Wings were THE coolest thing ever when you first saw them streaking across the screen in dogfights with those wily Tie Fighters? So what’s the game about? Duh. I pretty much just explained it but let’s go into some minor detail:

Destroy Tie Fighters and other Imperial enemies and complete missions, Star Wars style.

And that’s pretty much it. Excellent graphics but very hard to control, which is to be expected when fighting the enemy in space. I love this one, so enjoy!

x-wing flight screen shot
Developer: Tuhao
Download it from Google Play

Droid Dash: BB-8 Edition

Because we haven’t talked about BB-8 enough, there’s Droid Dash which is a simple and cute little side scroller starring none other than…BB-8! The goal is simple: avoid the obstacles, which are either rocky mounds or lasers. Tap once to jump, or double tap to jump higher. Simple and effective. The graphics are kind of chunky but they’re effective and nicely done. The twin suns are a nice touch, as are the random dust clouds rolling along the desert landscape.
droid dash bb8
Developer: Neat Mess Games
Download it from Google Play

There. I think we’ve hit peak app re Star Wars.

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