The Tutorial

Happened across The Tutorial and had some fun with it while browsing today.  According to the game notes, The Tutorial was born out of a one week stint for Community Game Jam using the theme “the game is a liar”.  So with that in mind, your journey through The Tutorial should probably be a “cautious” one.

The game that lies, and then lies some more

The Tutorial is a 2D platformer and it stars “you” in the lead role as a weird little bean (the animation here is simple yet perfectly endearing) who, in mostly predictable platformer fashion, needs to survive as you try reach some pre-determined goal at the end of the level. Along the way there are signs adorned with hints meant to help you out. But wait, do we trust the hints? I mean, do you trust a stranger just because they told you that Gare du Nord is that way? What do they owe it to you to disseminate accurate information in the direction of your face? That’s right: these are questions you should be asking yourself every single time you travel AND also when you play video games such as The Tutorial. And no, I am not still angry about the Gare du Nord incident!

Ok ok. Take some deep breaths and relax, ok? Considering the aforementioned theme of The Tutorial is “the game is a liar”, we have come to the conclusion that no, we should not in fact trust the hints.  And to think so would be correct as we immediately died on a mess of spikes more than once (think many, many times). And of course when you die you end up back at the beginning which would normally be super frustrating if the game wasn’t so adorable. That’s right: just because The Tutorial is cute does not mean that it’s easy.  And so, we press on…

You can see more of The Tutorial in the following gameplay video:

Developer: NavrcL
Play The Tutorial for Windows on

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