The strange and magical world of Stephen’s Sausage Roll

Full disclosure: I have not yet played Stephen’s Sausage Roll, but I did just watch someone play it for an hour, and it is fascinating. This strange and alluring puzzle game was released this past week through developer Stephen Lavelle‘s Increpare Games and immediately set the web abuzz. Why? Well, sausages for one, and two: it’s a really hard puzzle game!

Stephen’s Sausage Roll is Increpare‘s second commercial release (the first being 2011’s English Country Tune), however Increpare has released many, many, MANY,  other freeware games. You should check those out as well.

Billed as a “simple 3D puzzle game”, Stephen’s Sausage Roll is anything but simple. Actually, it IS simple. You just need to roll them sausages around with your fork and grill them evenly without burning them. How to get there is the tough part, but once you see how it works, you start to realize how ingenious it all is. This looks like the kind of game where your brain has to “spool up” until you “get it”. Once you do, you are down the rabbit hole and living in Sausage Land.

I enjoyed watching SwingPoynt try and fail, and then try, and fail again (and again and again) until he finally figured out just how to solve his first puzzle and grill three sausages evenly. Stephen’s Sausage Roll is quite original in the way it employs certain mechanics for manipulating objects (sausages) to solve the puzzle (evenly grilling them). You can really just roll the meat twice, because a third time will burn it. Challenging, puzzling, and not surprisingly, that sizzling sound makes me kind of hungry.

So check it out and enter into the very strange world of magical sausage grilling:

Developer: Increpare Games
Get it on Steam
Get it here for Mac/Windows/Linux

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