The Pedestrian crosses into new territory

Question: Is The Pedestrian a puzzle game or is it an adventure game? It’s kind of both but this is no standard puzzle game because The Pedestrian is probably one of the most original concepts you’ll come across in recent times. The Pedestrian takes the 2D sidescroller concept that we all know so well, and turns it on its ear by re-inventing it as a 2.5D sidescroller. Nope, 2.5D is not a typo and what does that even mean? Read on.

Can 2.5D Really Exist Between 2D and 3D?

What 2.5D means is that in The Pedestrian, you are presented with a series of “signs” which are not completely unlike the pedestrian signs you might see around a city. This is not just your playing field but also the very puzzle pieces which you will manipulate and arrange to solve each level. It’s a crazy concept, but it works and is so elegantly executed. Each series of “signs” or panels needs to be arranged in a way in which you can create connections between panels so that your pedestrian person can cross from one sign to the next. Transitioning from one sign to the next is loosely reminiscent of Portal, without the wacky sci-fi physics, so you need to arrange each puzzle so that your dude can pass through each panel and reach the exit.

The Pedestrian is actually still in development so only the free demo is available at the moment. It has also been greenlit on Steam so hopefully we’ll see a full version in the very near future.

Check out the official trailer for The Pedestrian here:

For an even closer look at The Pedestrian, check out this complete walkthrough for the Demo version

Developer: Skookum Arts
Get the demo at Skookum arts
Get it on Itch for Windows or iOS
Get it on Game Jolt for Windows or iOS

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