The Intangible Memories of Sacramento

The previews for Dziff‘s Sacramento were way too pretty to pass by so we had to dive headfirst into this beautiful watercolor world for a closer look.

Sacramento is described as a game where you chase down memories before they fade. Initially finding yourself on a train, you pan around to look out the window as a dreamy landscape sails by. A click of the mouse rings the bell and the train stops so that you can get off, now finding yourself on a deserted platform, train tracks fading out in either direction and disappearing over the horizon. You look around, pick a direction, and you start to wander…but to where? What’s out there exactly? Something foreign? Something familiar?

Sacramento is based on sketches that creator Dziff drew over the years. Employing the sketches in a simple, yet immersive world building fashion is very interesting. The casual player may not get the point without reading a little bit about the game first, but the fun lies in just wandering around this strange landscape and discovering it for yourself, gently accompanied by Glass Body‘s atmospheric soundtrack. Sometimes as you meander through fields or across those rolling purple hills, something will start to come into focus but just before you can get close enough to examine it, that certain something fades to white and you are whisked back to the station platform where you started. It makes you want to immediately head back in that direction to see if there was more to it, or if it was just another fleeting, intangible memory.

Check out the trailer for Sacramento:

Developer: Dziff
Download it on for Windows, Linux and Mac

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