The Impossible Line will test your memory…and drawing skills

Ok, so The Impossible Line is almost 3 years old, but hey, we never claimed to be that bleeding edge anyway. But with so many amazing games out there, it does take time to play them all to be able to give them a fair review. Plus, we were out of the “game” for awhile, so to speak. Pun intended. Etc. Anyhow. Here we go.

So what kind of game in The Impossible Line anyway? Although billed as a “casual” game, I’d have to classify it as a cross between a puzzle game and a memory game. Stylistically, The Impossible Line makes great use of a chalkboard style environment. Each level is presented in the same way: You have a starting point, and an end point (the red dot in this example). You need to draw a chalk line to the goal, but there’s a catch like there always is. The obstacles you see before you will soon vanish.

the impossible line level

Poof! So now you need to draw the line while navigating around the (now) invisible obstacles. This is where the memory portion of the game kicks in. It’s all around great, chalky fun.

the impossible line screenshotNow you don’t really need to know how to draw to excel at The Impossible Line, but you will need some dexterity in order to get through some of these crazy levels.

The levels start off simple enough that a child can make their way through the simple puzzles but that doesn’t last. The Impossible Line has around 300 levels and it just keeps on getting harder and more complex as you go work your way up the impossible ladder of impossible memory puzzles. Great fun, and it’s free to boot.

Developer: Makers and Innovators
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

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