The Hive: Rise of the Behemoths

If you’re familiar with Skydome Entertainment‘s The Hive from 2016, you should also be aware of the game’s major update that was released in March 2020 in the form of Rise of the Behemoths.

For a little background, The Hive is billed as a single player RTS RPG where you control the hive mind of an ancient insect army. Set in a mysterious underground world, you, as strategist, must build up your insect forces and lead them to the surface while fighting deadly opponents and overcoming obstacles along the way.  The Hive is impressively slick and fluid, with each level executed in vivid detail, each of which serve as the backdrop for an epic tale of immeasurable loss and survival.

Being the second major update since 2019’s Winds of Change, the Rise of the Behemoths update itself brings about some important bug fixes and visual enhancements. The real fun however, lies in the newly available content: The Hive‘s march 2020 update also includes new insectoids such as Seekers, Infestors and Behemoths, which all come with their own set of special tactics and abilities (neural oozes, anyone?) as well as Conch and Nestling Mound buildings for which to spawn said insectoids. Played across 10 levels, The Hive is an experience that is not short on atmosphere and has plenty of terrain to explore.

For more detail, check out the official trailer and the gameplay video below which includes the Rise of the Behemoths update:

Developer: Skydome Entertainment
Platforms: Windows, Mac and Linux
The Hive can be found on Steam,, Humble Bundle, Game Jolt and Green Man Gaming

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