The epic adventure game that is Nubs’ Adventure

As far as 2D adventure games go, Nubs’ Adventure is achingly irresistible. From the artwork to the landscapes, Nubs is evocative of  something soft and childlike, but with a hint that something dark and magical might be lurking, just beneath the surface. At least that’s how it feels to me.

Nubs is a little pixelated dude who’s homeless and armed only with a boomerang. Your mission is to take Nubs on a quest to find a new home. New home? What happened to the old home? Well, in the opening scene, these super bad guys The Reds destroyed it. Why? Probably because they’re super evil and mean.

So you set off on your quest, guiding Nubs through various terrains and landscapes. Of course, peril awaits you as is expected from epic quests. Nubs’ Adventure starts off relatively easy and gives you a chance to figure out the controls and how make your way across this strange world. Nubs has the ability to jump and climb as you’ll crevasses to fall into and ropes to climb. But as you pick your way across the land, things get more interesting, and more difficult.
nubs adventure boomerang
What is going on here? Here’s an area which we haven’t gotten to get. Are those springs?
nubs adventure screenshot

Developer: IMakeGames
Download it from Google Play
Download it from iTunes

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