The Earth Dies Screaming: Destroy All Humans

If you’re a fan of HG Wells, Ed Wood or just about any outer-space alien type films from the golden age of terrible 1950’s movies, you’re going to want to check out Salt and Pixel‘s video game homage to the genre with The Earth Dies Screaming.

Not to be confused with the obscure cult film of the same name, The Earth Dies Screaming is a simple (yet difficult) game where you are the aliens and humanity is your enemy. Yes. All of humanity.  Humans are nothing short of vermin, after all, and you’ve got all the power in your flying saucer to wipe them all out. Except, humans have things called tanks and they will fire at you, weakening your defenses. Can you destroy and annihilate every living thing before they take you out? It’s not easy, I’ll tell you that much. Your alien spaceship has just so much energy and you’ll need to rest in order to recharge. But those pesky humans don’t rest and will keep lobbing attacks in your direction.  All this, while maintaining the look and feel of those classic 50’s B-Movies.

It’s fun. It’s addictive. You should try it out.

You can check out some of the gameplay action for The Earth Dies Screaming here:

Developer: Salt and Pixel
Play it on Game Jolt in your browser!

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