The complete insanity that is Giant Boulder of Death

If you like your games over-the-top-insane, Adult Swim‘s Giant Boulder of Death will fit that bill. Just the title of the game itself is clearly pulling no punches and directly states what the game is about. You’ve got to love a title like that because they waste absolutely no time in getting straight to the point. It’s like Snakes on a Plane. No need to bother asking what the movie’s about, and if someone actually does ask what it’s about, well then you now have the right to punch them in the face.

The Adult Swim brand has been crotch deep in the absurd for a long, long time and [Adult Swim] Games is no different in producing crazy crackpot games (see Amateur Surgeon 3 and Tofu Hunter to name a couple). Giant Boulder of Death fits nicely in this niche. So what’s the game about anyway? *punches self in the face*

They see me rollin’

Well, you have this giant boulder sitting atop a mountain. Below is a picturesque town, probably in Germany or Austria. When you’re ready, you release the boulder and steer it into mayhem, destroying everything and as much as you can, as you can tell from the screenshots:

giant boulder of death screenshotThe mayhem and chaos is pretty succinct in Giant Boulder of Death and recalls a similar kind of brutal destruction that was seen in such classic games as Stainless GamesCarmageddon from back in 1997. Granted, GBOD is nowhere near as violent or bloody Carmageddon set the bar very high/low on that one), but this game does rank in terms of ‘hurt’.

If there is something in your boulder’s way, you can even tap to jump over some obstacles which might slow it down or destroy it. Throughout the game play, as the giant boulder hurtles down the hill crushing everything in sight, there is some completely bat-shit nuts music playing while an even crazier yodeler goes off the rails yodeling like a madman. It’s entertaining to say the least, especially as you crush houses, people, and many, many cows. GBOD also has plenty of power ups (spikes anyone?) and bonuses to unlock. If you can avoid the steel barriers and falling into any crevasses, you should have a blast.

Publisher: Adult Swim Games
Developer: Pik Pok
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

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