The color mastery of Blendoku

Playing the very relaxing and meditative Blendoku 2 which is a simple, yet challenging color blending puzzle game that is also the sequel to 2013’s Blendoku 1, or just Blendoku if you want to keep things simple.

This is still a very unique puzzle game where the goal is to fill each grid with colors in order of their intensity. It’s kind of like going to a paint store where your job is to sort groups of paint swatches from light to dark, except it’s an enjoyable app and there’s no salesperson pressuring you to buy anything.

In Blendoku, you are presented with a palette of colors. Any given grid will already have some colors in place which you can then use as a guide for you to place the next color in the sequence. Where it gets tricky is when the horizontal and vertical axis intersect, meaning that your colors need to ‘blend’ in every direction. Hence the name: Blendoku. The concept is actually quite brilliant,

blendoku screenshot

If you’re not already familiar with Blendoku, check out the gameplay trailer for a better idea on how it all works:

Developer: Lonely Few
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