Tear Down the Wall with Brickies

Remember the classic arcade game Arkanoid? Brickies is like Arkanoid on crack. It’s funny when you think about it because back in the day, Arkanoid was like Breakout on crack. Want to go further on this train of thought? You can even say that Breakout was like Pong on crack. Sure, Pong was a two-player game but my point is that everything comes from something, which is how progress and creativity works.

Now where were we? Right. Brickies!

Brickies is another free ‘brick breaker’ with a lot more twists and turns than your usual playing field. As is the norm for these games, you’ve got a paddle and a ball and your goal is to pick away at the wall of bricks. In brickies, you have a paddle on the top and bottom of the screen so you have two areas to defend. Break through the wall and you’ve got to react quickly with the top paddle.

Unlike other Breakout style games that I’ve played, Brickies is on a time limit, so you’re also playing against the clock. Here are a few screen shots to give you an idea of how diverse these levels can get. Circular levels? Why not? Anything is possible with Brickies.

brickies levels screenshot

Brickies comes from Ink Vial Games via Noodlecake Studios and it’s one of my favorites at the moment.

Developer: Ink Vial Games
Publisher:   Noodlecake Studios
Download it from the Play Store

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