Swing: Most Frustrating Android game of the week

From the people who brought you Floors it’s Swing, also known as The Most Frustrating Game Ever, which I know is a pretty bold claim. In that case, maybe we should just settle on Most Frustrating Game of the Week.

So what makes Swing so frustrating? Well it’s really hard for one. By default, you are a little Robin Hood type of character (there are many more characters to unlock) and your goal is to swing by rope to the next platform. Prior to each swing attempt, you can see the gap between platforms. Then, the screen backs up as your rope extends. It’s then up to you to release and swing your character based on the correct length of rope. Yes, it’s as hard as it sounds. What is really frustrating and annoying about it, is that as the screen scrolls back, you lose sight of the next platform, so you need to gauge not only by eye, but by memory.

I have to say that I’m terrible at this game and have gotten nowhere. As you can see from my best score so far, I have not been very successful at swinging to the next platform. Nope. Not successful at all.
ketchapp swing score screenshot

That’s pretty much all I have to say about this game. Look, even in the screen shot the little dude is about to miss the platform and is destined to eternally fail. Swing is annoyingly available for both Android and iOS. Maybe you’ll have better luck.

Here, watch this guy make it (almost) easy:

Publisher: Ketchapp
Developer: No Monkeys
Download it from Google Play
Download it from the App Store

3 thoughts on “Swing: Most Frustrating Android game of the week

  1. This game is tough. My wife asked me to try it after she could only get to 6. I have been playing it for almost a week and I am up to 58. I was at 57 again and when I hit the screen I accidentally hit the Home Depot add at the bottom, well you know what that resulted in, I have not played it since. I am trying stick monkey now and it is tough as well.

    1. Hi Tom, I have to agree. Some ads in games (especially mobile) are poorly placed which sadly results in a not so great gaming experience.

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