Surviving Ostracized

Everyone loves a good survival game so let us introduce you to Ostracized from CAGE Studios. We spotted this immersive game on GameJolt and if you like survival games AND also have a fetish for deadly ostriches, then this one is probably for you.

The setting: You’ve crash landed in a vast African landscape and as it turns out, surviving the crash was easy. The  hard part will be surviving the environment, especially when it’s populated by hordes of carnivorous ostriches. Thankfully, your character is smart and resourceful and is able to find tools that will give you a bit of a fighting chance. If some items seem a bit useless (like that brittle stick you just picked up) try combining it with something else, providing that it can in fact be combined in a sort of MacGyvering fashion.

The environment is pretty well laid out and has a great natural “wide expanse” feel to it, especially with a large monitor. Check out the walk-through video for a closer look at Ostracized:

Developer: CAGE Studios
Download it for Windows

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