Spout is a handful of 8-bit fun

We just happened across this interesting little arcade-style game the other day while perusing Google’s Play Store.  It’s Spout from Triple Trip Studio (formerly Airmind)  which is based on Kuni’s Spout, which no longer seems to be available. Thankfully, this version of Spout still is and it’s a cute little 8-bit style game with just a few simple rules: don’t touch the bottom of the screen, don’t touch the shapes, and try to go as far up as you possibly can. But there are those pesky obstacles in the way, right? Well as you move forward using the “joystick” at the bottom of the screen, your little ship spouts pixels. Those pixels will eat away at the obstacles, but also propel you in the opposite direction that you want to move in so you need to constantly re-adjust to avoid certain destruction.

Makes sense, right? Still don’t get it? Then watch this video instead to get a better idea. In keeping with the glorious 8-bit theme, Spout‘s sound effects and music should keep you grooving while also improving your reflexes and taking them to the next level.

Spout provides you with three crazy gameplay modes: Adventure, Hyper and Classic. How long do you think you can you survive for?

For a closer look, check out the gameplay below:

Developer: Triple Trip Studio
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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