So, Where Are The Keys?

Dude, Where’s My Keys? It’s a question that humans the world over have asked ever since doors, keys and the word ‘dude’ were invented. More importantly, we’ve all desperately asked this question at the precise moment when we need to leave the house and be somewhere. Indeed, how late you show up to said place will generally be exactly equal to just how long it took you to find your freaking keys.

Yes. Finding your keys can lead to some serious frustration, causing you to completely tear to pieces  your apartment,  house, or wherever it is that you might live. Your keys just have to be somewhere, right? But where exactly?!

And that is what Dude, Where’s My Keys is all about. Finding your keys so that you can get in your car and leave the house i.e., to finish the game.

Dude, Where’s My Keys reminds me a lot of Where is My Hammer? partly due to the similarity in titles but also because this physics based game suggests (nay, demands) complete destruction of your immediate environment. But the similarity ends there. In Hammer, the main goal was simply to destroy absolutely everything. In Dude, Where’s My Keys, destruction and chaos is something that happens during the process of trying to find your keys as you end up turning every possible movable item upside down as you look for them.

Will you ever find your keys? Where might they be? Under a cushion? Behind the duck? So many questions that have just one answer.

Check out this Gameplay video for Dude, Where’s My Keys?

Developer: MetricZero
Download it for free on for Windows.

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