So many Mortys…so little time

“So many Mortys…so little time”Rick Sanchez

Last week’s Pocket Mortys update was so over the top that it should keep players busy for quite a while: tournaments, twenty (20) new Mortys (total 142), a fancy new splash screen and a whole whack of bug fixes.

Yes, as if regular training wasn’t tedious enough (yet we still continue to seek to capture every single Morty), you can now engage in tournaments in the brand new Morty Games section which is accessible via the Citadel of Ricks. Tournaments involve fighting Mortys, but not with your Mortys. No, you need to leave those at the door and choose from only a select few Mortys. Sounds challenging? It is. Each tournament consists of 3 battles with each battle against 3 Mortys. Basically, you need to defeat 9 Mortys with your 3 carefully chosen Mortys.  Yikes.

And speaking of Mortys, and bugs, we just had to point out this incomplete Moon Morty description in the Morty Deck. At the end of the description it says, “His Rick has refused to” and that’s it! Refused to what? Don’t leave us hanging like that!
moon morty capture

How do you catch a Moon Morty anyway?

And speaking of Moon Mortys, they are pretty hard to capture, but we finally managed to capture one. How? Use a Morty Manipulator Chip as your first move. If the chip fails to work, exit the game and go back in and try again. Eventually the Morty Manipulator Chip will work on the first move even if it takes 4 or 5 tries. Yeah, it’s a bit of a hack, but hey, it worked for Sun Morty as well.

That’s it for now. Enjoy.

Publisher: [adult swim]games
Developer: Big Pixel Studios
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