Snake Rewind has more than a few twists

Another cool game to come out in 2015 was the very fun Snake Rewind from Finnish software company Rumilus Design.

Everyone’s familiar with variant’s of the original snake games, namely, 1977’s Snake,Nibbles from the old QBasic days, and of course (aka the most addictive snake game of them all). However, part of what makes Snake Rewind so special is that it was designed by Taneli Armanto, who originally brought his version of Snake to the Nokia 6110 back in 1997.

Not all Snake Games are created equal

Snake Rewind is quite different from the classic snake games of yore. The game play is effectively the same: begin as a square and maneuver around the board, eating pixels (fruit in this case) and watch your tail grow and grow, until you start to fill up the game board with your snaky length. And then, how long can you survive at that pace? That’s the thing about Snake Rewind. If you die by running into a wall, or yourself, you have the option to either “Give Up”, or “rewind”. Rewinding your snake means giving up a certain number of segments. After the rewind, you might shorten by 10 or 20 segments. Yeah, it’s tough to give up that hard earned length.

New Snaky Twists and Turns

Just one look at these screenshots and you’ll agree that this Snake Rewind isn’t your father’s Snake (that sounded terrible), but it is modern, in a 2015 gaming kind of way. If you can catch them before they vanish, power-ups appear on the board that’ll juice your snake and give it temporary super powers like the “fruit magnet” and the “fruit bomb” (seen below).

Snake Rewind also has varying screens which pay homage to the genre as well as classic arcade games in general. Check out the snazzy green “tube” screen example below.
snake rewind screenshots

Developer: Rumilus Design
Genre: Arcade
Download it from Google Play
Download it from iTunes

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