Smash Hit and the pleasing sound of breaking glass

We tried out Mediocre‘s Smash Hit this week and realized that it was exactly that, back when it was released a couple of years ago. In fact, the Google Play Store states that the game has somewhere between 50 and 100 million installs, which is pretty sick. But, while the game is still a smash hit in terms of popularity, the name also sounds like smash it, which is precisely what you need to do in this very cool and immersive game.

Satisfying Sounds of Breaking Glass

Enter the world of Smash Hit, where you are armed with shiny silver balls and the goal is actually to not run out of balls. How do you get more? By launching available balls at the blue glass pyramids that promise more balls, if you smash them successfully.

And it’s so satisfying when you do.

See, there’s a lot of glass breaking in Smash Hit: Glass pyramids, glass panes, glass cubes, and more even more glass. And the smashing sound is oh so pleasing that you just want to keep on playing just so you can keep hearing that satisfying sound. Smash Hit is also quite immersive and upon first playing it, I immediately thought, “wow, this would be awesome in a VR setting!” Well, you guessed it, Smash Hit VR was actually released back in September and can be downloaded from the Oculus store. How cool is that? The answer is very. Very cool.

Check out the original trailer if you’re not familiar with Smash Hit:

Plus, you want to be mesmerized even further, watch this guy get to level 12 in Mayhem Mode! Best to watch this video in the highest resolution possible.

Developer: Mediocre
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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