Skiing With ‘Snow!’

Man, it’s the middle of December and no thanks to climate change, there is absolutely no snow on the ground in my town’s immediate vicinity. Clearly, this means no skiing for now, which is disappointing to say the least. Thankfully, there are alternatives, and due to a completely random stroke of luck, I got my skiing fix this morning when I came across Snow! on Snow! is a Pico-8 game and is a straight to the point, no frills, endless runner (skier). In Snow!, there is no finish line. Just you skiing down a mountain and trying to stay alive and on track for as long a possible without hitting too many trees.

The screen may be small (128×128 using Pico-8 standards) but Snow! succeeds in giving you the full skiing effect in terms of velocity and movement as the mountain’s terrain is generated before you. To get an idea of how smoothly executed Snow! is, check out the gif below:






: freds72
Play it on Windows, macOS, Linux, or web on Itch
More info at Lexaloffle

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