Shoot everything up in Squadron 1945

Wasted a good part of this perfectly sunny morning playing a couple of games namely Squadron 1945 and Squadron (Bullet Hell Shooter). There are a lot of these types of shoot-em-up games which hearken back to the golden age of video games with classic arcade games like 1942.

Same game, two skins

Squadron 1945 and Squadron are both essentially the same type of game, albeit re-skinned for their respective themes.  Squadron 1945 is presented in classic World War II style (although your weaponry is still pretty futuristic). Just avoid the bullets (the millions and millions of bullets) and shoot down those Messerschmitts,Spitfires and every other kind of plane imaginable, if you can.

SquadronBullet Hell Shooter is basically the same game as 1945 except the enemies are shooting at you from all kinds of crazy alien spacecraft. Same deal: zillions and zillions of bullets for you to avoid and shoot at. From the screenshots below, can you guess with one is the World War II one and which one is the sci fi one? You get one guess:

squadron 1945 bullet hell
So yeah, avoid the bullets, destroy the enemy and pick up the powerups along the way. You’re going to need them for the boss levels. Trust me on this one.

For a better idea of the insame bullet action, check out the Squadron 1945 trailer:

Both Squadron 1945 and Squadron Bullet Hell games are available for Android but only Squadron (sci-fi) is available for iOS. Enjoy!
Developer: Magma Mobile
Get Squadron 1945 for Android
Get Squadron for iOS

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