Shapist: a slider puzzle with a twist

Shapist is a cool sliding puzzle game with a few twists. The goal is to maneuver pieces of varying shapes in the defined space until the “exit” rectangle is completely free and unobstructed. The exit rectangle in question acts as kind of a portal to the next level and in fact, the transitional animations alone are worth the download. Think somewhere along the lines of that legendary trippy sequence in  2001: A Space Odyssey to see what I’m talking about. Ok, maybe it’s not THAT trippy. Still, I really dig the transitions between levels.

As you make your way through solving levels using the usual “flat” sliding pieces, you’ll begin encountering puzzle pieces that have different properties, just to up the challenge. For example, some pieces can be split in two and separated, giving you the ability to slide them out of the way.  However, they are also “magnetic” and can be re-connected. Other pieces have accordion-like properties which allow them to expand and contract. This is tricky as they will expand and take up some precious available space. Make sense?

Fun and Challenging Puzzles

Shapist is just fun and challenging puzzles. That’s right. No ads, no instructions and no nonsense. “What you see is what you get”, and what you get is simply 75 free puzzles accompanied by some cool, ambient music to keep you in the zone as you slide your way out of each immersive challenge.

You may want to check out the gameplay trailer for a better idea about what Shapist is about here:

Publisher: qixen-p design llp
Developers: Ori Takemura & Dmitry Kurilchenko
Get it for Android
Get it for iOS

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