Samsara Room

Rusty Lake is back with Samsara Room, a point and click escape room adventure game that is presented in Rusty Lake’s classic style as only they can deliver.  We’ve reviewed Rusty Lake’s games before and have always been more than willing to dive back down the rabbit hole, enticed by clever puzzles and clues that often lead you to even more complex puzzles and clues.  Indeed, Rusty Lake’s signature games are often wrapped up in subtle memories and symbolism whose purpose only becomes clearer as you delve deeper and deeper into the mystery that surrounds the story. Or is it the story surrounding the mystery?

Samsara Room: A Remake or a Director’s Cut?

Rusty Lake has been creating awesome games for 5 years now and in celebration of this milestone, have released Samsara Room, billed as a remake of the original Samsara Room which launched the rich body of work that is now the Rusty Lake universe/franchise. In this context however, ‘remake’ does not mean ‘rehashed’ as Rusty Lake has been so very generous over the years. Samsara Room comes to us completely reworked with many new puzzles that are challenging, yet intuitive in that signature Rusty Lake way. Sometimes a problem appears to be completely opaque, and then with a tap here, and a little prodding there, a certain logic or pattern starts to emerge. As you pick apart each puzzle, the mystery unravels along with the story that is so perfectly woven into the fabric of the game.

Like most of RL‘s offerings, playing Samsara is an immersive gaming experience, and with Victor Butzelaar‘s atmopheric soundtrack setting the mood, the adventure begins.

Check out the official trailer for Samsara Room:

Developer: Rusty Lake
Samsara Room is available for Android and iOS
Samsara Room is available on Steam and for Windows or Mac OS X

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